Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Papa fighting Snow Monkey

We finally arrived at the Monkey Park. It was funny as the Japanese name of the place is "Hell Valley", but the English translation is "A Paradize for Monkeys". There are about 1000 monkeys living in the area, but we didn't see that much. They were free roaming in the valley. There was a natural hot spring where some monkeys were taking bath. Others were busy picking seeds from the snow nearby. These monkeys are very fluffy, so we thought they were friendly like doggies. It turned out we were quite wrong. Berrie wanted to take a photo with one monkey who suddenly got up and almost scratched Berrie's belly. Some monkeys seemed to have a territory dispute among themselves. So we decided to stay away from them.

Just when we were about to leave, we heard a human screaming. Then we saw about 50 meters away, a monkey was climbing on to an old lady's back. Mama rushed to her rescue. The monkey was caught by surprise, and jumped down the lady's back. But he stared at mama and tried to decide whether to attack. Papa was 10 meters behind, so he made a snow ball and threw at the monkey. The monkey wasn't scared at all. Instead, we were all very concerned that the monkey would call his clan to attack papa. Luckily, it was quite late and most other monkeys already went home. The monkey comtemplated for a while and decided that the odds were against him with 1 vs 3, so he ran away. But we told papa to be more careful even when he wanted to be a hero.

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