Friday, September 12, 2008

eels also join the fun

still one turkie friend missing

but there are still only three turkies. the last time i saw all four of them was before the easter. the missing one had hurt her leg, so i thought humans might have taken her for rehab. i hope she will be back soon.

my goose friend is back!

i haven't seen my goose friends for a month because of my bear flu (it's dangerous for them because they only got bird flu vaccine). look, they cannot wait to greet me! i had a good chat with my best friend swissy, and i am sooo glad to see the missing one (she has mixed color on her back) is back! i thought she was home hatching eggs, but there is no sign of gooslings.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

still the one

sweet! federer won again!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

penguin said "so tired".

study tour

sonny and i learned a lot about wildlife australia.

shining star

i had a chat with shining star about their huge empire. penguins are so successful. they made movies, went into music business, open theme parks, run charity organizations. if they could invest in our bearbook project, that'll be great!

nobbies seagulls

nobbies is where seagulls and fur seals live. some seagulls make really nice homes, with great sea view. seals will rest on that big rock during christmas time, but i never saw them. it was very windy, and the waves were massive. but mama didn't bring her videocam. i felt too cold.

little penguins

phillip island is berrie's hometown. berrie told me that little penguins there make a hard living. humans are stealing their fish, foxes try to eat them, and nuisance tourists use flash to photograph them. it hurts their eyes! but it seems they are quite happy at this time. papa said because it's breading season. we are not allowed to take photos with them, except for this huge one. but i found one under the bridge.