Monday, November 24, 2008

paradise for honey bees

this was our garden before water restrictions. honey bees had a good time at our place. i hope things get back to normal soon, no more drought, and mama back to take care of the garden.

Friday, November 7, 2008

christmas trip

finally the trip is finalized. we (me, berrie, dandan, others members tbd) are off to paris, london and munich in december. we had to cancel switzerland which is a real pity. but the chocolate train, UN and CERN are all closed, and mont blanc hotels minimum stay is 7 nights.

our first stop is london. i really want to visit the wimbledon museum if we have time. some bear cousins ask me to take pictures of london bridge because they like the song "london bridge is falling down".

we will visit the christmas market in munich, and king ludwig's castles in neuschwanstein and linderhof. mr bear offered to lend me rocky's wool hat, which i think i will need because it's going to be really cold there (it can be very hot during christmas period in melbourne, in some years up to 40 degrees). it's not a problem for berrie, though.

we will spend the christmas night in paris. we booked our hotel in champs-elysees, which should be a good location. i am going to take lots and lots of pictures of the beautiful paris night.