Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blitzen Diary: Stuff us all the way to Singapore.

We were flying A380. Berrie told me it was the largest airplane on the world. I never travelled before, so I cannot tell the difference. We were suppose to take off by 5pm, but the captain said there was some problem with the generator. So the plane had to go back to the berth for examination. After half an hour, the captain announced that the problem was identified, and the plane needed refill fuel. Both papa mama and Berrie were laughing, but I didn't know why.

When papa and mama were packing yesterday, Berrie told me and Shikamaru to slip in mama's luggage. I didn't understand why until now. Once we boarded the plane, mama took us out of her luggage and found us a private cabinate, whereas papa just put his luggage under the chair and told three monkeys to have a good sleep :D

Apart from the delay, it was a very pleasant trip for us. We had a lot of food and drinks, and had a good sleep.

We had a private cabin.

Berrie loves Singapore Sling.

Shikamaru had an apple bliss.

I was busy studying Japanese.

Our entree.

Chicken rice.

Thai rice.

Berries for Berrie.

Lychee icecream.

Papa squeezed a corner for us to sleep.

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