Friday, January 15, 2010

Blitzen Diary: My first trip

I've been with Feddie's family for almost two weeks. It's such a big family that I still haven't got time to know everyone. But I found my little bro Shikamaru. He was adopted one year ago. It's sad thinking that reindeers got abandoned during the Chrimbo season. But we are the lucky ones! Hope (the little doggy who was my buddy at the store and was adopted at the same time) also found his cousins in the family. Indeed, there are quite a few doggies in Feddie's family, but only two reindeers.

I had myself settled in quite well because Shikamaru can explain a lot of things to me in reindeer language. We often like to sit in the flower garden and chat over a cup of tea. Most of the days were quite warm, perhaps too warm for reindeers. One day it was 43 degrees, and Berrie had take us to hide in the fridge. Then she asked us if we would like to visit Japan because it was snowing there. Of course we said yes! But I have never travelled before, and was a bit worried as I don't have a passport. But Berrie said that we could hide in the luggages until we board on the plane.

Now we are at the airport lounge waiting for boarding. Berrie is a frequent traveller so she found a way to lead us in (I think she knows the reception lady). There are a lot of foods and drinks in the lounge. We had a cup of chocolate mousse, and then I had a cup of cappuccino. Feddie told me his blog account, so I can write my travel blog along the way. Everything is the first time for me, so I am a bit nervous, but it's really fun!

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