Sunday, January 10, 2010

happy bearplace

time flies even for bears. it is already one year anniversary for the new bearplace. i am glad it is still there, and growing! jeff came back to us and organized superb chrimbo events. i was so excited to receive my first chrimbo parcels sent by santa bear. hippos disappeared for quite some time, but they are back now!!! i hope they are still coming to oz and we will go bowling together. we just had two new members, marlowe and ryan. marlowe has fantastic blogs. and ryan started bear blogging in 2008!!! i hope they become good friends with us soon. what else? too many to remember... aga bear joined a-team's family from dubai. he is a huge bear even for archimedes!!! barney and jess met in bear many times! and barney got drunken many times (or is it my imagination :) ). we all received gifts from each other, in snail mails! as for us, we didn't travel many places this year, just japan, holland, belgium and copenhagen (where mama got pickpocketed, so we couldn't take photos). but berrie is going to japan soon. she is going to visit snow monkeys near nagano. it will be too cold for me. and i have more important task here, to support big feddie's ao championship. it's starting next monday!!! until then, happy new year to all bears, pengys, hippos, ogres, piggys... and all our friends!!!

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